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An Interview With David Davis of Cosmic Dash

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Over the weekend we attended the Los Angeles Comicon, while there we stopped off in artist alley to visit our friend David Davis. Davis is a local artist who has been working for years on his popular web comic series Cosmic Dash and just recently got started on his poll-driven Horror story Through a Dark Lens. A mentor to those seeking to build their writing skills, Dave continues to further his education, after graduating from UCR he’s moved on to work on his Masters at at CSUSM. Davis is a very talented, and very down to earth guy and we’re positive that once you start diving into his work, you’ll be as impressed as we were.

(909) Okay so, introduce yourself if you don’t mind.

(David) Hello my name is David Davis, I am a cartoonist and a writer. I am currently enrolled in a Masters program at CSUSM and I’m happy to be here.

(909) And it’s a pleasure to meet you. img_2278So getting right down to it, can you tell me about your web comics?

(David) I’m doing a couple right now. The first one is my science fiction series that’s sort of like taking Star Wars and Futurama and mashing them up. My other web comic is a horror series that I’m writing that is reader driven. At the end of every installment the readers vote and we actually adjust the plot based on the poll.

So the readers have a say it what happens? That’s unique! To what extent can the readers decide?

Literally who lives and who dies! We have the art mapped out and we have it set up to where anything can happen.

So how long have you been doing this?

I’ve been drawing since I was a little kid. Cosmic Dash has been through several forms. The version that you see now is about seven years old. So yeah it’s been a while.

Wow seven years? Where did it start?

Actually, Dash the main character comes from turtle character I used to draw as a little kid. He’s a sort of evolution of that idea.

How many issues are out right now?

Right now we’re moving into our sixth whole issue, but there’s been at least two issues worth of short comics. Also there’s a novel that’s being test read right now that takes place in the same universe as well as hundreds of pages worth of short stories.

What I’ve read is absolutely amazing. I look forward to catching up on all of it. So tell us a little bit about yourself. You’re an Inland Empire Native right?

Yes I am from the Inland Empire, Hemet actually. Hemet represent! I’m actually a pretty low-key guy. I really like to just do things within my genre. Reading, writing and watching my science fiction shows and some horror. It’s really cool to have a chance to come out to these comic book conventions and see what’s going on.

I’ve noticed there’s also a lot of Nintendo Easter eggs and references in your comics.

Yeah I grew up playing Nintendo. So Nintendo Easter eggs all over. At some point Dash was actually a Koopa Troopa from the Mario Series. A little Koopa Troopa with a hat. So I could say there’s plenty of Nintendo influences.

vol_1_cover Is there any other references in that you touch on? Anything that nobody’s caught yet?

Well most of the little nods that I put in the comics get picked up right away because they’re tied to more well known properties. What I do like to do though, is little subtle cameos. Everything from people that I know in real life, or characters that have been created by friends of mine. There’s actually a website of people collecting all the cameos that have been in my comics.

So how far out do you have Cosmic Dash planned out?

I have the ending of the series planned out. I know the final scene and I have about 27 rough story arcs that would span about three issues each. I also have all these short stories that I’m working on to build up the whole world. It might be going on for a long time. It’s definitely something I’m going to be sticking with for a long time.

So has it been easy to just set out to become a writer?

I only just recently just considered myself a professional writer, with the horror project but a lot of it just consists of going out there and making stuff. Just putting it out there and working with other people. I’ll approach people and say “Hey help me with some stuff and I’ll help you.” I also work as a tutor at a college and help people with their writing. I think everyone is a storyteller and I really like to help people tell their story.

When I was a kid I thought I’d write comics, and the digital age seems to make that more possible. What sort of advice would you give to the kids out there that want to follow through with that?

Well if you want to get into web comics, now is the best time to do it I think it. The best advice that I could give to anybody who’s interested in it is to actually do it. Don’t just say that you’ll do it eventually and never get it done. Even if your first few pages are really rough you can always come back later and fix it up. It’s worth it to just get started, because you’ll have a library that you can build up. It’s great for coming to other people and showing them what all you’ve done. You can say “This is what I’ve done, this is my work.” and it’s a great way to keep working on building up your skill and your craft.

I really appreciate your time, and your work. The comics are wonderful and I can really appreciate everything you’ve done. Before we take off, do you mind letting everyone know where to find all your work?

Alright, yeah cool. If you want to find Cosmic Dash, just go to Cosmicdash.com, If you’re interested my other projects or finding me on social media just go to hpkomics.com

Alright man, great it was a pleasure meeting you.

Thank you for stopping by.
To help support this local artist, and get some really cool Cosmic Dash merhandise check out his shop over at Redbubble. Or just check out the amazing work that he does on his web comics “Cosmic Dash” and “Through a Dark Lens.”