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Before They’re Famous: Shania Triner of Baldy View Gymnastics

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If many of you were watching the Rio Olympics you might have noticed our impressive gymnastic team. Young men and
women train for years to be able to represent their country in the prestigious event. 909 recently set down with Shania Triner, from Baldy View Gymnastic to get a young gymnast view on what she thinks it takes to be one of the greats.

Most Gymnasts start young, Shania is no exception “when I was very little I started.” She took some classes at the local community center before committing to the sport and beginning at Baldy View only 7 years old. Baldy View helped Shania train in many different events. With the help of her coaches who she says teach her “ determination and how to work hard” she is already a level four gymnast.

There are 10 different levels of gymnastics. Levels 2-5 are called “compulsory levels”, that means that the gymnast all compete with the same routine and are judged mainly on execution . Levels 6-10 are “optional”, which means each gymnast can make their own routine. Baldy View gymnasts are tested each month to determine their appropriate skill level and whether they are ready to compete at the next level.

Shania has previously been awarded ‘gymnast of the year’ and currently competes in 8 meets a year. She is currently in the middle of her competition season and placed 1st on bar and floor exercises. The bars are her favorite routine “I like jumping to the high bar.” I had a chance to watch Shania perform her bar routine and some of the skills work looks pretty scary. When I asked her whether she gets scared, this brave little girl smiled and simply said “ No, I don’t get scared. I know where my body is.”

The dedication and hard work Shania and all the kids at Baldy View Gymnastics show is inspiring. Shania practices for 2 ½ hours 4 days a week “Sometimes, pretty early on Saturdays too!” She trains very hard on all events, as her long term goal is to be a professional gymnast. She is challenged at times by some of the events right now it’s the vault “It’s hard to get my body in a straight line.” Considering that the vault is bigger than she is, that’s understandable, and certainly she will conquer it soon.

Even, though training is tough Shania enjoys it and for inspiration she looks up to other gymnasts like “ Coach Alison and Simone Biles.” One day certain people will be looking up at Shania for inspiration and when asked what she would tell others interested in gymnastics she would encourage them to start she would tell them “it’s really fun. It’s hard at first but gets easier. I think everyone should try it!”