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Advertising With 909 Magazine

What’s Inside? 

909 Magazine is a bi-monthly community life-style magazine presenting the local region, its people, coming events, health & beauty, real estate, education, new car reviews, casino concerts, local sports, celebrity reviews, home improvement, dining, and other information desired by our readers.

Appearance and Design

Our magazine is perfect bound and printed with a beautiful, thick 100-pound gloss cover and bright 60-pound gloss paper inside. Editorial content is presented in beautiful, upscale, stylish layouts.

Readership & Distribution



We offer a distribution carefully designed to maximize readership and viewing of our client’s brands. This includes direct mail distribution to homes in Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Claremont. These homes have an average household of 2.5, and income ranging $65,000 & up. Various rack locations are also methodically placed throughout San Dimas, Glendora, Chino Hills, and Eastvale. Copies are available in various local Ralph’s and Albertsons throughout these 6 cities. We also place copies in high-traffic, upscale locations, including selected salons, restaurants, waiting areas, and hotel rooms, medical offices, dental offices, and more. Copies are mailed to each mayor, city manager, and city council member in the above cities. Copies are mailed to leading executives, and Digital copies are emailed to over 18,000 people.

Advertising Specs and Guidelines


Always remember that submitted artwork is printed “as is.” When you submit digital art, we assume the work is color corrected, the images are adjusted to your satisfaction, all text is correctly spelled, and that the original submitted artwork is correct. 909 Magazine is produced on Macintosh equipment. The preferred page layout programs are InDesign CC or Photoshop CC.

Indesign: Be sure to include all linked elements (images, logos, etc.) and fonts that you have used in the document. Make sure colors are defined as CMYK, and process color, not spot.

Photoshop: We use Photoshop to edit and correct all photographic images and complex illustrations. As with all submitted work, images should be sized and cropped to final size. Images should be in CMYK format with a resolution of 300 dpi or greater at 100% of size. Avoid using low resolution images. Graphic files originally created for internet use cannot
be used effectively for printing.

Illustrator: Make sure colors are defined as CMYK. Convert all text to curves/outlines whenever possible to avoid font problems. If images are “embedded” in the illustration, make sure they are properly sized and cropped in the originating program prior to importation. lf images are “linked” in the illustration, be sure to supply each linked file separately.


We recommend that all text be converted to curves/outlines by the originating program. This avoids the many problems associated with various font styles, formats and originators. While this will render text un-editable, it can be sized and manipulated like any other graphic element. If the text must remain editable, or if the text cannot be converted to outlines, the screen and printer fonts must both be submitted with the job (Mac Format ONLY).


Getting Started

To begin advertising with 909 magazine, click the button below to be directed to our contact page.

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