Farmers Market Returns on Thursdays to Historic Downtown Upland

Most people would agree that biting into a sweet, juicy, freshly picked orange is simply heaven. But what makes that orange taste 10 times better is the fact that it’s grown nearby at one of our local farms. Historic Downtown Upland and Eric G. Kent of Network Entertainment have teamed to bring fresh, local fruits and vegetables back to the city of Upland. The Historic Downtown Upland Farmers Market returned April 7th with a bang. Centered at the Signature Gazebo on 2nd Avenue and 9th Stre...

Mother’s Day Editorial

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As Mother’s Day approaches, we recognize the importance women play in many aspects of our lives, including helping to encourage the good health of their loved ones. Many women traditionally take on the role of caregiver for their families, including choosing providers, setting up doctor appointments, and recognizing symptoms. Especially through their childbearing years, women are regular consumers of healthcare. On the other hand, according to the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality,...

Sewn to Life – Custom Design Bridal

A bride dreams of being a living work of art on her wedding day. At Chevillon in Montclair, a wedding dress begins as an art concept, to later become reality. It always starts with a sketch. “I’ve been an artist ever since I can recall,” said designer Juancarlos Chevillon. “Every blank piece of paper is an opportunity to create something magical.” It’s not about finding a dress and making it work. At Chevillon, it’s about understanding the bride, what’s brought her to this point in her ...

May-June 2016 Issue Henry Cavill

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Superman is dead. Hardly breaking news. With huge fanfare, DC Comics killed him off in the early 90s, causing an uproar so big that it made national headlines and was covered on the CBS Evening News. He died yet again at the end of this year’s superhero blockbuster, “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Heck, Superman’s made more comebacks than bell bottoms or Rocky Balboa. This is news to Henry Cavill. The most recent actor to don Superman’s cape posted a photo on Instagram, shirtless, i...

March-April 2016 Kate Winslet, Undeniable Elegance

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With her demure smile and that brilliant British sensibility, Kate Winslet seems like the last actress to push the envelope of society’s norms. Yet, she has been a lightning rod for everything from bucking the too-thin trend in Hollywood to taking on roles that range from Jane Austin to erotica; from small, independent films to the blockbuster, “Titanic.” All of which goes to show that her real life is much different than her reel life. Nominated for an Academy Award this year for Best Suppor...